Thursday, November 18, 2010


Doggerel, actually. Meant to post this earlier on the failure of the 1998 Strategic Defence Review:

Implementing SDR 1998

Geoffrey had a little Plan, with contradictions that weren’t hidden
And anything that Gordon said, Geoffrey did unbidden;
“The Plan” demanded tanks and tankers, breaking Gordon’s “Golden Rule”
But “The Plan” was very popular in Preston, ’ull and Poole.
So Geoffrey stretched “The Plan” out, with “jam tomorrow” for all
And everyone was satisfied, waiting patiently for The Ball.
But then the budget, it collapsed, imperilling “The Plan”
And all that Comrade Bob could do was blame another man…

Sad but true. Time will tell whether the 2010 version is any better - it doesn't look too hopeful.

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