Thursday, October 27, 2011


(A Birdcage, SECR-style)

I've been reminded that there have been a lack of steam trains in this blog recently. An oversight. So it was very exciting to see the Bluebell Railway has completed the restoration of SECR "Birdcage" brake 3363, both because of the quality of the reconstruction - restoration seems far too narrow a term for what has been achieved in Sussex:
(3363 as she appeared in 1998 - hence "reconstruction")

So, the "Birdcage" glazed area provides a new vantage point for the important business of looking at steam engines.

With credit to Roger Carpenter for the pictures taken last Saturday, here's what that view looks like:

The locomotive in question is LBSCR Billinton Radial Tank, No. B473:


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