Sunday, December 11, 2011

European Council Debacle Part Deux

(Yep, quite a lot to ponder there, Dave...)

48 hours on, does David Cameron's position look any better / more sensible / vaugely explicable?

In a word, no.

(In fact, in several words, NO, absolutely NOT.)

It's increasingly clear that this is basically a screw up, albeit on a previously unknown scale. There's coverage everywhere, but Will Hutton's piece is excellent, and it's hard to see how things are going to get any better soon. I can only hope against hope that the financial services sector make it crystal clear that this isn't remotely helpful to them, and that the worst possible position is for the UK not to be in the room making sensible suggestions about evidence-based policy making in this area, and that as a result, the UK needs to swallow it's pride and get back in there.

A difficult U-turn. But an essential one.

And no, I don't see the Coalition breaking up yet. But a bad weekend for that, too.

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