Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winning the Revolution

(Libyan celebrate in Martyr's Square)

Merry Christmas to all. 

And in Libya, happy Independence Day, being celebrated for the first time since the Gaddafi revolution of 1 September 1969 - under Gaddafi, only his revolution was deemed worthy of celebrating.

But what is also interesting today is that the Libyan Revolution - as well as the other revolutions of the "Arab Spring" - continue long after the end of the previous regime. And arguably, the continuing work on constitutions and accountability mechanisms is going to be the thing that secures the gains already made through the emergence of civil society. This is why the call today for increased accountability from the Libyan National Transitional Council by Lawyers for Justice in Libya is both welcome and timely: civil society does need to play its role in ensuring there is accountability.

So, happy birthday Libya, and hearty applause to LFJL for ensuring that the peace is won as well.

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